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50 Cent Calls Wendy Williams A Crackhead: “She Better Not Talk About Me”


I happen to be on “Petty Patrol” and what do you know I find 50 Cent goin’ in on Wendy Williams! Just a few days after 50 Cent seemed to call a truce with Wendy Williams he was back on Instagram with a new meme of his rival. ICYMI, Williams has been going through quite a bit, the talk show host took a long hiatus from work due to what she had initially said was back problems, however, when she returned to the show earlier this month she revealed that she had been living in a sober living facility. Rumors of Williams’ husband having a child with another woman have surfaced and Wendy is said to be taking a scheduled vacation from her talk show next week. The 50 attacked Wendy for her illness by posting a very ill-looking meme of Wendy Williams that said, “Dear Wendy we are praying for a speeding recovery on your drug addiction.” He captioned the meme, “I knew something was up with this b%%$#, it was the drugs. She better not talk about me, then go to rehab every day Crack Head.”

It’s really not cool ‘going-in’ on someone that is suffering humiliation and addiction in front of the world but who am I kidding it’s 50!!!!

Here is the last show Wendy taped this week. She was still talking about everybody else’s problems but she doesn’t look well.

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