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Barnes & Noble Offers Free Download Of Mueller Report

If you want to read the long-awaited Muller Report for yourself you are in luck.  Barnes & Nobles is making it easy for people to get caught up on the latest information on the newly-released Robert Mueller report. They are offering a free download for people to view the findings of Russian interference in the… Read more »

Donald Trump’s Birthday Gift To Melania [WATCH]

Donald Trump celebrated his wife Melania’s 48 birthday by calling in to cable entertainment show Fox & Friends, admitting that he got her, (wait for it) a beautiful card for her birthday! The real fact is, we got the gift the because the President rambled on about everything until the host were so visible uncomfortable… Read more »

Why Trump’s “Drain The Swamp” Is A Joke [WATCH]

Donald Trump pledged to hire the “best people” and “drain the swamp” but is that really what’s going on or is it a hoax?  If you are paying attention you may agree that this administration is doing exactly the opposite. Several of his cabinet appointee’s have been caught recklessly spending tax-payer dollars living the high-life…. Read more »

How The Government Shutdown Will Affect You

President Donald Trump commemorates the first anniversary of his inauguration with a government shutdown! How does it affect you? Federal Employees are furloughed, told not to report to work. That includes departments like: Internal Revenue Service, during tax season, Center for Disease Control, during the worst flu epidemic we have seen in decades. You also… Read more »

Read Letter Barack Obama Left For Donald Trump

When Barack Obama left the White House he left a letter of advice and congratulations for the incoming president. The letter was left in the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Considering that Donald Trump tried to undermine the entire presidency of Barack Obama it was a class move to extend advice and good will… Read more »

Wall Street Manager New Trump Communications Director

Donald Trump has hired Walls Street Hedge Fund manager Anthony Scaramucci as the new White House Communications Director. The funny part is Scaramucci has been a Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporter. He has even deleted anti-Trump tweets he mad during the campaign.  Things in Washington just got crazier. Here is one from the REWIND… Read more »

Which Trump Do You Believe? [WATCH]

When it comes to Donald Trump it is hard to know where he stands on many issues. All the chaos within the administration makes it  hard to get to the truth. Watch trump give conflicting opinions on Mexico and Paris. A man is allowed to change his mind but this behavior leaves more questions than answers.

Trump: Drugs Are Cheaper Than Candy Bars

Donald Trump makes the claim that in the United States, “Drugs are cheaper than candy bars”. The average price of a candy bar is $1.50. Even if  you voted for him or not you have to admit this is an “Alternative Fact”. Please tell me what drugs he is talking about?

Martin Luther King III Meets With Trump

The son of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr joined President-elect Donald trump at Trump Tower in New York to discuss voting rights. Is this another photo opportunity for “The Donald” or what? MLK II invited Trump to visit his father’s memorial in Washington D.C., for the King Holiday, instead Trump’s team proposed a… Read more »

Donald Trump, Send Messages by Courier?

President-elect Donald Trump says that he doesn’t use email or a computer. In fact he said, “if you have something very important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old fashion way.” Sound like the Pony Express. He added no computer is safe. This gets more bizarre by the moment.