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Texas Rangers Ban Fan For Racial Harassment During Game

The Texas Rangers have officially banned a fan for harassment and making racist comments at a game Saturday. The team announced Friday that it would be “notifying the individual that he violated the club’s fan code of conduct and is indefinitely prohibited from attending Rangers home games.” The decision came after a review of the… Read more »

Trevor Noah: Arrested For Doing Nothing

After Philadelphia police arrested two Black men for sitting in Starbucks everyone has been outraged. This event has brought much needed attention to the problems of racial profiling in this country. Checkout The Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah’s take on “Arrested For Doing Nothing.”

Trevor Noah Reacts To Recent Violence

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah shares his perspective on police shootings, police body camera and taking a stand against systematic racism. We need to talk to each other.  

Middle School Math Test Racist

An Alabama Middle School teacher has been suspended after giving students a racist math test to complete for credit. If you are wondering what a racists math test looks like check out an actual question from the test. “Tyrone knocked up 4 girls in the gang. There are 20 girls in the gang. What is… Read more »