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Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Racist Too?

Kevin Spacey Racist too?  Allegations saying Kevin Spacey are now circulating.  According to the Daily Mail, a African American man named Earl Blue owner of the security company VIP Protective Services says his company was hired in 2012 to manage on set security for the House of Cards  From the beginning Earl said Kevin Spacey… Read more »


9-1-1 Renewed For a Second Season

9-1-1 renewed for a second season.  Now that was fast.  This show has exploded on the scene.  After just two episodes this show starring Angela Bassett, Connie Britton, Peter Krause, and Rockmond Dunbar has been signed for season 2.  These first two shows was so popular with over 10 million viewers, FOX said let’s keep… Read more »

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Denies Fathering 15 Year Old Child

Lil Wayne denies fathering 15 year old child.  Paternity test anyone?  It looks like that’s what it may come down to because Lil Wayne says he did not father a 15 year old boy that he was ordered to pay child support for last year.  One thing about Lil Wayne and that is he always… Read more »


Jennifer’s Hudson’s Ex Cleared Of Domestic Abuse

Jennifer’s Hudson’s Ex Cleared of Domestic Abuse.  Yes her now ex David Otunga will not be charged for an alleged domestic violence incident.  What had happened was…Jennifer filed a temporary restraining order against David (who is the primary care taker of their son) claiming he grabbed her son by the hand and shoved her out… Read more »

Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons Says a Woman Tried to Extort Him

Russell Simmons says a woman tried to extort him.  He says she tried to extort him for $500K.  What??  Don’t know if this is true or not but with the recent allegations against Russell Simmons he says that one woman did indeed try to extort money from him.  With the #Metoo  movement going strong I… Read more »

Mary J

Mary J Homeless Last Year?

Mary J homeless last year?  Yesterday she received her star and it was a heart felt ceremony. She was able to celebrate her 47th birthday and receive her well earned star on the Hollywood walk of fame.  P Diddy and Andre Harrell were there to show their support.  Mary J is a strong example of… Read more »


Source Says Kendu Had Affair For Years With Assistant

Source says Kendu had affair for years with assistant.  According to lovebscott Kendu Isaacs Mary J’s estranged ex has had a affair for years with his assistant. Mary had made that claim sometime ago and now according to the site lovebscott Kendu checked out of the marriage a long time ago (just as Mary said). … Read more »


Seal Slams Oprah

Seal slams Oprah.   Of all people I never thought Seal would come after Miss O.  But he did.  He says she knew of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual conduct and still worked with him and hung out with him anyway.   The Kiss from a rose hit maker came down hard on Oprah. Read here to see… Read more »


Joseline Hernandez Working On Reality Show

Joseline Hernandez working on reality show.  Yes the Puerto Rican Princess is working on how own reality television show.  Me and a couple of my girlfriends were just talking about Joseline the other day, wondering where she has been.  We just got our answer.  This new show will be based in Miami with Joseline raising… Read more »


Obama’s Not Invited To The Royal Wedding?

Obama’s not invited to the Royal Wedding?  Really…According to The Daily Mail UK, Former President and Michelle Obama who has a warm friendship with Prince Harry will not be invited to the Royal Wedding because the Foreign Office is nervous about upsetting Donald Trump, who has not made a official trip to London.  The man… Read more »