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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ "U Send Me Swi...

In my opinion Mint Condition is one of the smoothest groups out there and have been for the last two and a half decades!  Their sound really can’t be compared to any other group out and they continue to reinvent themselves musically.  Although the lead singer Stokley is experiencing great solo success, what they’ve accomplished… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ "New Love"

A New love, young love, Fresh and in bud, Exciting, Heart racingly so, Though uncertain, exciting still A Breathless love Full of longing Eagerness to be together Reluctance to part. Hand touching hand, Pulse raising Heart full of love, Head full of doubt Do they feel as I? Am I just a fool? Will our… Read more »

Cissy Houston Diagnosed With Dementia

The mother of the late Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston, has been diagnosed with early stages of dementia. According to the Ebony report the stress and strain on her health is understandably from so many horrible events she has endured in recent years. From the tragedy of losing her legendary daughter, to the untimely death of granddaughter… Read more »

Netflix Announces 8 New Shonda Rhimes Shows

Netflix and ShondaLand have announced eight series that are being developed by Shonda Rhimes and her team. If you remember Shonda Rhimes decided to exit ABC and signed exclusively with Netflix last August. This gives her so much more creative freedom; to bring her entertainment vision to life and to step outside the confines of… Read more »

A Waitress Body Slams Man Who Grabbed Her Butt

A Waitress body slams man who grabbed her butt.  Well alright!  Yes 21 year old Emelia Holden was at working doing her job when a man walks by and grabs her behind.  But what she did is what has gone viral on the internet.  She grabbed him and body slammed him against the wall.  Then… Read more »