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Prince’s Sister Shares Insight On Her Brother’s Overdose in 20/20 Fentanyl Special


This Friday [September 28], ABC News is premiering a 20/20 special on the Fentanyl drug by interviewing the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones to the drug. As apart of those who were interviewed, Sharon Nelson, Prince’s sister, discussed her innermost thoughts and feelings in regards to Prince’s death being ruled as a Fentanyl overdose.

Nelson expressed how she believed Prince wouldn’t have knowingly taken such a drug for recreational use or even in the case of remedy if he knew the danger in it’s effects. She stated, “He wouldn’t have taken a pill like that at all. When you’re in pain, you’re going to take a pill, hoping it relieves it. You’re not thinking like that; you’re not thinking like a normal person who isn’t in pain.”

In addition, Nelson admitted that she believes Prince fans won’t bother with Fentanyl in the least bit after Prince’s unexpected death. Sharon explained, “After all that’s happened to Prince, I know, I can say for sure that his fans will never take that pill.”

Watch the full ABC News 20/20 Fentanyl special this Friday at 10pm.

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