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Shonda Rhimes Admits She Is The Highest Paid Showrunner In TV


Shonda Rhimes has launched her Shondaland web site

At Elle magazine’s Black Women in Hollywood event, Shonda Rhimes expressed that she believes women deserve the right to brag more in every sense of the word. During her speech Rhimes explained:

“The other day I came to this conclusion that men brag and women hide. Even when they don’t deserve to brag, men brag — [Donald] Trump, [Brett] Kavanaugh — and when men do deserve to brag, they are good at it. They do it so well. Men brag about everything, even things that aren’t things.”

As apart of her new vow to brag more, Rhimes admitted that she is, in fact, the highest paid showrunner in television. Choosing to no longer downplay her success or her salary, such a statement means that Rhimes makes more than her show runner counterparts, Ryan Murphy, who just inked a $300 million Netflix partnership, and also more than Greg Berlanti, who has a $400 million overall deal with Warner Bros.

You Go Shonda!

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