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Scientists Say A Bad Marriage Can Seriously Damage Your Health

News by tonyscott

Scientists say a bad marriage can seriously damage your health. Researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of Nevada found that the marital head-butting of heterosexual couples negatively affects the health of husbands and wives. Men suffered more than women. When you argue, the body can experience inflammation, changes in appetite and the increase in… Read more »

Morehouse College Kicked Out Papa John’s Pizza From Their Campus

News Race by tonyscott

Morehouse College kicked out Papa John’s pizza from their campus. After last week’s news of Papa John’s founder John Schnatter using the N word during a conference call, Morehouse suspended their relationship with Papa John’s. Last Friday, Morehouse sent out a tweet saying they are “exploring all options for removal of the franchise from campus in light… Read more »

A Tennessee Woman is Suing a Dermatologist for Calling Her Aunt Jemima

News by tonyscott

A Tennessee woman is suing a dermatologist for calling her Aunt Jemima. Lexie Carter filed a complaint with the state medical board in addition to suing Memphis dermatologist Dr. James Turner, after he allegedly said, “Hi Aunt Jemima” during her July 11 visit . She claims he repeatedly called her ‘Aunt Jemima.’ Dr. Turner issued a statement apologizing. “Ms. Carter is one of… Read more »

The Navy Is Finally Lifting Its Ban On Dreadlocks For Women

News by tonyscott

The Navy is finally lifting its ban on dreadlocks for women. Women can now wear dreadlocks, ponytails and styled buns while in uniform. The announcement came during a live Navy Facebook broadcast on Tuesday. The Navy sought the input of six female sailors about the new grooming standards. The hairstyles are permissible as long as it’s not… Read more »

Papa John Says He Felt Pressured To Say the N-Word

News by tonyscott

Papa John says he felt pressured to say the n-word. John Schnatter is the founder, former CEO, and former face of Papa John’s. In an interview on Louisville radio station WHAS, he said he was pressured to use the N-word during the conference call. “The agency was promoting that vocabulary … They pushed me. And it upset… Read more »