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Amber Ruffin talks ‘Some Like It Hot’ and ‘The Wiz’ musicals, hosting ‘The Daily Show’



Amber Ruffin‘s had a lot on her plate. The multihyphenate hosts a nightly talk show and has tapped into her writing skills for Broadway showsamong other things.

Despite her busy schedule, Ruffin found time to talk to ABC Audio about how she was tapped to write for the Some Like It Hot musical.

“I got involved with Some Like It Hot when Matthew Lopez, my co-writer, called in and was like, ‘Do you want to do this?'” she explained. “So it was less of, ‘[Are] you interested in writing Some Like It Hot?‘ And more of a question of, ‘Are you interested in taking a master class in Broadway?’ Which I was.”

She says when she found out Mariah Carey signed on to be a co-producer of the musical, she “lost it.” “I still am a little, like, I can’t believe it,” Ruffin expressed. “I hope I get to meet her and give her a hug.”

As a writer for Some Like It Hot, the comedian admits she’s not a fan of the original, but thinks that’s a good thing. “I think people who want to cling to old memories are worse at revamping something,” she explained.

Coincidentally, she’s working on revamping The Wiz, which is coming to Broadway in 2024. With so much to do, Ruffin says that if she was given the chance to replace Trevor Noah as host of The Daily Show, she just wouldn’t have the time.

“I don’t see how it would be possible,” she says, “but it’s an excellent show and I absolutely adore it.”

Her suggestions for a replacement host: Roy Wood Jr. or Dulcé Sloan.

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