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Ashanti talks addressing Irv Gotti claims on Gotta Move On (Queens Remix)


ABC/Heidi Gutman

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Ashanti found herself the topic of Irv Gotti‘s Drink Champs appearance in August and waited some time before addressing claims he made about their alleged relationship. In addition to directly discussing the matter in her own set of interviews, she, like other singers and songwriters, channeled her thoughts into music.

“It’s givin’ ‘Obsessed’ / It’s givin’ you stressed,” she sings on Diddy‘s “Gotta Move On (Queens Remix).” “It’s givin’ you pressed / It’s givin’ this n**** missin’ the best.”

Speaking to Billboard about the collaboration, Ashanti said, “It just organically came together.” It also allowed her to share her thoughts after Irv claimed she cheated on him with Nelly and ran away when he was arrested, among other things.

“My name was all over the place. But sometimes it’s really cool to be able to express yourself through your art,” Ashanti explained. “Sometimes we get into situations where people need to move on instead of being bitter or talking ill or negative about a person. It’s better to just let go and move on.”

In other Ashanti news, the singer recently released her own single, “Falling for You.” 

“Immediately you think the record is about falling for someone,” she told Billboard. “But it’s actually titled that because I’m not falling for [the person] anymore. It’s very Ashanti 2022-esque.”


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