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Cassie details unexpected second pregnancy and shares her food craving of choice


Leon Bennett/Getty ImagesCassie is expecting her second child with her husband, Alex Fine. The couple already share a 13-month-old daughter, Frankie

The singer, model and actress says finding out she was pregnant a second time during the pandemic was definitely “one of those oh-[snap]-moments!”

“It was totally unexpected, but we’re so excited!” Cassie tells Babe by Hatch. “I love that Frankie’s going to have a sibling super close in age. Plus, we’re home so much now anyway, and my entire house is all ‘baby,’ so in that sense, the timing is ideal.”

She admitted she’s making “smarter” food choices during this pregnancy but whipped cream has “naturally” become her craving of choice.

“Actually, better yet, the other day I had Cool Whip with old-school Nilla Wafers,” Cassie continues. “With Frankie, I ate everything. Literally, whatever I craved, I ate. In contrast, with this one, I’m making smarter choices. I’m prioritizing eating salads with lots of protein.”

The soon-to-be mother of two says she’s also upped her workout routine, including walks around the house, gym sessions with her husband and running after Frankie, which she calls “the biggest workout of them all.”

“Right now, I can’t imagine what it will be like to have two babies in the house,” Cassie said. “We have our little routine — we wake up, eat, play, nap — and I’m trying to wrap my mind around how it will be to add a new person to the mix.”

Cassie adds, “But after this, I need my body back for a minute before even considering another.”

By Rachel George
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