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Could it be? A beloved former ‘Glee’ star as the Harp masked singer?


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Actress Amber Riley has been, and still is, a trending topic on Twitter as social media speculates the Glee alum is the Harp on the hit competition show The Masked Singer.

After a showstopping performance of Whitney’s Houston‘s “I Have Nothing” on Wednesday night’s episode, fans immediately took to the internet with theories that it’s Riley under the disguise.

“I would know that effortless hitting of the ‘MYYYYYYY’ anywhere,” one user tweeted. “AMBER RILEY ABSOLUTELY KILLING IT god I hope she wins.”

“That is Amber Riley,” another said. “If you don’t know that voice…how??? IT’S AMBER RILEY. One of my favorite voices of all time. The true star of Glee. Also this has me crying my eyes out. She deserves every bit of applause. She is phenomenal & is not appreciated enough.”

Echoing that sentiment is another Twitter user, who wrote, “So this is definitely Amber Riley. I have tweeted this before & I still stand by it. She is the most underrated singer out there. She should have blown up a long time ago.”

The “clues” given during the premiere episode last week might also contribute to the belief that Riley is donning the Harp costume.

The Harp noted that in the past they’ve “auditioned for the biggest show in the world” but they “didn’t fit the mold and was turned down.” Many point to the fact that prior to Glee, Riley auditioned for American Idol but didn’t make it past producers

No word yet from Riley, of course, since the show is still going on and the Harp is still in the competition.

Hopefully, for some, the Harp will make it all the way to the end. 

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