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Cover girls: In ‘O’ magazine, Oprah Winfrey shares the key to a lasting friendship with her bestie Gayle King


RUVEN AFANADORGayle King is covering O Magazine for the first time: She and her bestie Oprah Winfrey pose together for the magazine’s September issue.

In the feature story, Oprah dishes on her long-lasting friendship with King and how Winfrey’s fame never got in the way of their relationship.

“Now that Gayle’s a shining star on CBS This Morning, people often ask her how she felt being in the shadow of my success. The truth is, she always felt not a shadow but the light,” Winfrey says.

“We couldn’t have remained friends if she’d perceived it as a shadow. I would have sensed that, and I wouldn’t have been able to be as open,” she adds. “A true friend can’t be jealous of you, or want to take advantage of you in any way.”

In fact, Oprah says she’s ecstatic that King has “finally stepped into her pinnacle role.”

“The fact that she’s experiencing such recognition and success for doing what she’s always loved fills me with pride and joy,” she added.

As Oprah continues to support her BFF, the media mogul is also supporting those affected by the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. According to Winfrey, she hopes that inspirational projects like her upcoming OWN series David Makes Man will help people get through tough times.

“That’s why I actually believe storytelling is a form of a new religion, because it’s a place where people can gather and be inspired and see themselves and get filled,” she told Extra.

David Makes Man premieres August 14 on OWN. The September 2019 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine hits newsstands August 13.

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