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DWTS Contestant Babyface Compares Musicians and Dancers: It’s a Whole Different Thing


(L-R) Allison Holker, Babyface; ABC/Craig SjodinBabyface is gearing up for his chance to dance with fellow stars on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars this fall. Still, the musician, singer, writer and producer understands that his past success as an artist may not give him a leg up on the dance floor. 

“I’m coming in, within a very short period of time, trying to become a professional dancer, ’cause that’s the level that they dance at,” he tells ABC Radio. “So, knowing music, that helps, but that doesn’t necessarily make your body do what their body does.”

Still, do not be fooled — Babyface can dance, but the performer stands by his opinion that there’s an explicit difference between dancers and musical artists. 

“It’s a whole different thing, so, you can’t go in there thinking that because I can do this, it should be, it’s gonna be a whiz,” he says. “You have to respect dancers and what they do.”

Even if Babyface feels that his dancing skills might be a tad rusty, his dancing partner, Allison Holker, believes that he has been doing a fine job thus far, and that she is learning just as much from the singer-songwriter as he is from her — in a different capacity. 

“He’s a great student. But, he’s so knowledgeable and has so much insight onto his life and everything, that I feel like he’s become my life coach. It’s been really, really cool to get to know this guy.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Monday, September 12 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. 

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