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H.E.R. shares which songs she wants Rihanna to perform at the Super Bowl


Stewart Cook/CBS

Rihanna only has 13 minutes to perform on Sunday when she takes the Super Bowl field for her halftime show, but there’s a few songs H.E.R.‘s hoping she will sing. 

“Man, I want to hear ‘Umbrella.’ I want to hear the classics,” she said in an interview with Apple Music 1. “I want to hear ‘We Found Love.’ I want to hear, man, it’s so many, I don’t even know. I know I want to hear ‘Love on the Brain.'”

H.E.R. knows how it feels to perform at the Super Bowl, as she sang “America the Beautiful” in 2021. Looking back on the experience, she said it was “one of my favorite performances that I’ve ever done just because I was so proud of myself and it was like a pinch-me moment.”

The experience also “empowered” her as she represented Black women on the Super Bowl stage.

“I knew, like, oh wow, this is something little girls need to see. This is something the world needs to see, especially in this climate,” she said. “I literally just had released my Fender collab. There’s no other Black woman that has a collaboration with Fender guitar. And I was up there playing it and it just meant the world to a lot of people. And I didn’t even realize it until afterwards. But it fueled me because that impact, you can’t beat that. It’s something that I think gives me purpose.”

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