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Jason Derulo #FIGHTS4THEPLANET with TikTok dance challenge for climate change awareness


ABC/Paula LoboJason Derulo has partnered with the popular video game PUBG Mobile for a social impact campaign called #FIGHT4THEPLANET.  He’s created a to raise awareness of climate change.  Jason says the partnership “really means a lot to me.”

“I thought could be a perfect way to raise awareness,” he tells ABC Audio. “And I hope that it…encourages people to not just donate, but also look inside themselves and figure out what they can do to do their part, in terms of saving the planet.”

“Whether it’s saving water…not polluting…those little things that we think are so small…they just snowball and become something that’s detrimental to the planet.”

As part of the campaign, PUBG Mobile has donated $100,000 to the non-profit organization Global Green. Jason’s dance challenge — which shows him dancing in a sandstorm while magically changing outfits — is meant to mimic an in-game sandstorm that PUBG Mobile contestants recently had to fight.

“It was actually a little painful at times, with the dirt in my eyes,” he laughs about filming the challenge. “But I think it was just the right amount of, taking you to that place –and fun. I think leading with the fun is important in this. Nobody likes to be preached to.”

While in quarantine, Jason’s become a TikTok king, with over 19 million fans on the platform. The dance challenge earned more than a million views in less than 24 hours.

“It’s just such a different level of connection than just someone singing a song,” says Jason of TikTok. “I feel like it’s an invitation to my life…And it’s all walks of life, all kinds of people that don’t necessarily listen to my style of music. It just invites people to the party.”


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