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John Legend dishes on his morning routine, favorite reality TV shows and more


Tyler Golden/NBC

John Legend has a lot on his plate, but like most people, he has a daily routine. His day is usually kicked off by one or more of his three children. 

“We have a new baby, so we’re at her mercy a little bit. Chrissy will usually wake up to feed her around 6, and then my older kids usually will come running into our bedroom around 6:30, no later than 7. One way or another, our kids are waking us up,” he tells WSJ. Magazine. “We have a little gym in our house, and I’ll usually work out, then get ready for the day and take the kids to school around 8:30.” He’s also responsible for making breakfast.

Outside of family duties, John works on music, which he doesn’t play for Chrissy until it’s complete. “She likes to hear it after it’s done. She learned when she started dating me that the demos change a lot, and she didn’t like them changing because she would fall in love … She’s like, ‘Play it for me when it’s done,’” John explains.

He’s also teamed up with Dr. Naana Boakye, a Black dermatologist who’s helping him develop a skin care routine that will address “skin conditions and skin treatment for darker skin tones.”

John says he delegates some tasks to nannies and his mother-in-law “so that I can focus on making music and performing live.” But he and Chrissy try to “focus on being where we need to be at the right moments to really enjoy our lives with our kids and make the most of our work life.”

In his spare time, he likes to watch sports, have a glass of wine and watch “good TV with Chrissy,” which includes the 90 Day and Real Housewives franchises.

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