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Jussie Smollett can’t wait to release my heart, my words, my stories on debut album


John Shearer/Getty Images via ABCEmpire actor Jussie Smollett is going from the small screen to the studio with the upcoming release of his debut album. 

He tells ABC Radio that while he still plans to release music for the hit Fox series, as he’s done in the past, he will release what he calls “my own stuff” at the end of the season.

“My stuff will be all original, all my stuff, my heart, my words, my stories,” he says.

Jussie adds that he’s found similarities between himself and his Empire character, Jamal Lyon, explaining, “We’re extremely, kind of, autobiographical songwriters and musicians. But this time around, you’ll hear my heart.” 

The actor and singer plans to release the album next year, so he hopes that fans will be able to hang on long enough for its release.

“I hope ya’ll still salivating at the top of the year when it comes out,” he exclaims. 

“I hope ya’ll salivate all the way to iTunes and buy it….it’ll be fun, it’ll be fun! I’m so proud.” 

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