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LeToya Luckett Explains Why She Decided to Be Open About New Relationship


Laretta Houston for VH1

After two years of quietly dating Joseph Macklin, LeToya Luckett finally confirmed that the music producer is her boyfriend. The R&B singer tells ABC Radio why she waited so long to be open about the man in her life.

“I wanted to make sure that I built a foundation before just putting it out there. You know what I mean? I wanted to make sure that this is something real, that this is something that’s true and honest and not just to have a picture to post on Instagram,” she explains. “I think now its one of those things of, OK, this is something real. It’s honest. It’s not perfect. It’s two people that truly, truly, truly love each other but are friends.”

LeToya says she was tempted to reveal she had love in her life before, especially after blogs criticized her for being so private. “[I’d be] logging onto blogs and they were like,’Yo, she never talks about her personal life, what’s wrong with her?’ And it was kind of like, ‘Why does there have to be something wrong with me for me to want to just step back and really find out what it is that I truly want and take my time with that?’ I don’t like rushing into stuff and that’s why I’m not in a huge rush to just throw something out there, because that’s my heart,” she says.

After letting her fans know she had a boyfriend by posting several photos on Instagram, starting last December, LeToya says she still has anxiety about letting the world in on her love life. 

“I’m still even very careful when I do decide to share those moments. And you do get anxiety because there is always the ‘what if’ and…you know how you might go about doing things if things go wrong, but then you don’t know if somebody else is going to act a fool,” she explains. “It’s hard. You can’t think about that. You can’t always dwell on the negative or you’ll never let the positive in.”

Onscreen, her Single Ladies character, who heads up one of the largest music management companies in the world, is going through a similar evolution of being more open.

“You definitely see a lot more of Felicia Price’s personal life in this season. I think you see more layers to her,” LeToya tells ABC Radio. “I think you see why she is the woman that she is and why she can be so not-friendly at times and come off a little cold and that’s because she’s in a power seat. She’s having to balance things between her personal life and her management company. She’s a little bit more vulnerable and open, which I can appreciate because you can only be so strong and so hard for so long.”

Centric’s Single Ladies airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET.

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