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Lil Nas X talks about how his purpose as an artist has changed


Rich Fury/Getty Images

In a new cover story with Out magazine, Lil Nas X talks about how his career goals have evolved as he’s grown more into himself.

“I’m turning into Montero more and more, day by day,” he says, referencing his birth name, Montero Lamar Hill. He adds that the songs on his upcoming album, Montero, are some of his most personal.

“I named the album after myself because there are a lot of things I’ve been going through and dealing with and wanting to say,” he says. “I wanted to let sides of myself show that I’ve been afraid of people seeing for so long.”

Lil Nas, who is openly gay, says when he initially started out, all he wanted was just “to be this huge rapper.”

“I was looking to blend in when I first started, but now I genuinely don’t mind and wish to do my own thing and stand out,” he says. “I wanted to just be an artist at first. I wanted to just make music.”

He adds, “But now I have even more of a purpose: to continue to find myself and, by doing so, help others find themselves.”

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