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Lizzo announces she’s vegan and documents her new daily meal plan


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Lizzo has completely reinvented her daily meal plan and revealed that she has gone vegan.  The “Truth Hurts” singer introduced fans to her new diet on Tuesday, which leaves her feeling “”lit and full.”

Lizzo, 32, took to her TikTok to show her followers what she consumes on the daily in a video series bluntly titled, “What I Eat in a Day: Tales from a fat Vegan.”

She attested that switching up her diet wasn’t a challenge by writing, “As a new vegan I’m enjoying exploring flavors from plants & plant based proteins!  Every journey is personal & deserves to be celebrated.”

Breakfast for the “Juice” singer consisted of a thick green smoothie made of coconut water, veggies and frozen vegetables.  The three-time Grammy winner then shows off her delicious lunch, a chopped salad comprised of red cabbage, kale, avocado and broccoli.  

When Lizzo gets hungry between meals, she opts for a tub of garlic hummus from her local farmer’s market and a pack of paleo puffs.   Before switching to a vegan lifestyle, the Hustlers star admitted that she used to snack on Hot Cheetoes, which she claims made her acid reflux worse.

“These are a Cheeto alternative I love that’s vegan and I dip them in hummus,” she praised in the video. “Badda-boom badda-snack!”

Dinner for the Ugly Dolls actor consisted of mushroom balls loaded with truffles and chickpeas, leftover salad from lunch and a healthy serving of quinoa — which she washes down with vegan diet cola.

Lizzo’s dessert is another smoothie that she whipped up using her Nutribullet, comprised of peanut butter, jelly, oat milk, vanilla protein powder, oats and “love from Jesus.”

At the end of the video, the decorated artist calls for justice for Breonna Taylor by urging fans to text “ENOUGH” to 55156.

By Megan Stone
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