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Mariah Carey gives 5-year-old twins jobs to “instill a work ethic”


ABC/Randy HolmesIf you think Mariah Carey spoils her kids, think again. The singer tells Entertainment Tonight she’s already put twins Monroe and Moroccan to work.

“They work for me now,” she says. “I had to give them jobs.”

She explains, “I’m trying to instill a work ethic. I don’t want them to think since they’re my kids…that they can just get whatever they want; do whatever they want. And they kinda think that.”

So she gives the five-year-olds chores to do around the house, and then they get an allowance for it.

“I started saying, ‘OK look, guys, here’s what we’re going to do, you’re going to help out, maybe clean a couple of things,” Mariah says. “I don’t expect it to be done properly. Then they’ll get a couple of dollars or however much.”

Next up for the twins: joining their mom on tour. Mariah kicks off her tour with Lionel Richie on March 15.

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