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Ne-Yo is trying to lead by example as a Good Man with upcoming album


ABC/Ida Mae AstuteNe-Yo’s on a very admirable mission with his forthcoming album, Good Man, which arrives everywhere June 8. 

He explains to That Grape Juice, “The purpose of this [album] is to put the spotlight on what the journey of a good man is.”  

“First of all, let me say that I’m in no way, shape, form or fashion ‘perfect,’ trying to act like I am, or even that I’m better than anybody else,” he adds. 

“This album is just me trying to lead by example and show what it’s supposed to look like, what it’s supposed to sound like, show ladies what it’s supposed to feel like, and hope that the world follows suit.” 

The World of Dance judge also hopes wants fans to feel a full range of emotions while listening to Good Man

He says, “There’s not a lot of emotion in music right now, especially when you talk about hip-hop and R&B. All of it is pretty much talking about the same few things; drugs, money, sex.”

“However, there’s more to life, music, and other emotions inside of us that are not being fed and haven’t been fed for a very long time. I want to do that with this album,” Ne-Yo declares. 

Besides releasing Good Man, the star has other surprises in store for his followers, including taking over Hollywood.

The singer, who’s appeared in the movies Red Tails, Battle: Los Angeles and Girls Trip, says, “I definitely want to get into the TV and film space, in front of the camera as well as behind. I’m learning how to write scripts now, learning how to direct, and all that.”  

“So, in the near future you will see some sort of visual entertainment written, produced and directed, and starring Ne-Yo.”  

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