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Problem says Nipsey Hussle inspired his entrepreneurial spirit


Laetitia Rumford2Nipsey Hussle was considered one of the greatest rap lyricists of our time, even before his passing. More than that, his spirit and motivational Victory Lap album were influential to many, including Compton rapper Problem

Problem tells ABC Audio he came up during the rise of Nipsey’s stardom and always admired him for doing things his own way.  He said the two drifted into different circles as they both continued to gain success, but it was always “love and respect” for one another.

When he passed away, and the way he passed was a huge awakening for me because, at that time, I was trying to figure out ‘am I going to still do this turn-up style of music,'” Problem tells ABC Audio. “Because financially, this time for my family, but mentally, it’s just not in me no more. 

He continued, “And his passing showed me that you don’t have time to make those. You can’t keep playing. If you’re going to change, you gotta change.”

Problem appreciated Nipsey’s “business moniker” and teachings through his music because “he was always telling us something in the music, prompting him to kick things up a whole ‘nother notch.”  

My entrepreneurial spirit just was like, you know what, ‘just go and really, really, really take the jewels he left us and apply them to my life,” Problem says.  (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

In honor of Hussle’s birthday tomorrow, August 15th, take a listen to Problem’s Nipsey tribute, “Janet Freestyle (Remix),” from his latest album, Coffee and Kush Vol. 1.

By Rachel George
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