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Saint Bodhi shares female historical figures who inspired her


Darren CraigAs Women’s History Month comes to a close, alternative hip-hop and R&B artist Saint Bodhi shares the women throughout history who have inspired her.

She tells ABC Audio, “Nina Simone inspires me a lot. Eartha Kitt was a big inspiration. My grandmother, she’s super strong. She’s just so forgiving and nice, and then my mother, of course.”

Nina Simone and Eartha Kitt are two of the most iconic artists and entertainers of our time. More than likely, Bodhi connected with Nina’s raw and realistic poetry and Eartha Kitt’s optimistic, vivacious personality.  Although these two icons have passed, the Grammy-nominated singer and rapper says she has high hopes to work with two living legends that came after them. 

“If I can collaborate with any music icon, I would have to say Kendrick Lamar and André 3000. I feel like Kendrick is like my soul brother deep down, and we’re [both] from LA (together), so why not?”

For now, Bodhi is going to continue riding the success of her debut album, MAD WORLD, and her latest single, “Like That.” The song helped launched a viral challenge on social media, which shows female fans sleeping in pajamas before waking up in their favorite cosplay costume.  

To follow up her highly-praised debut, Saint Bodhi is currently working on her follow-up EP, Antisocial, which is scheduled to arrive later this year. 

By Rachel George
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