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Mike Tyson

Colorado Bans Mike Tyson’s Ear-Shaped Cannabis Gummies

Like many celebrities these days, Mike Tyson is in the marijuana business – but he’s having trouble selling his wares in the country’s most famously weed-friendly state.  The state of Colorado has banned Tyson’s new line of cannabis gummies, which are shaped like human ears with a bite taken out of them.  The gummies are a… Read more »

Black Lives Matter

Olympic Ban: No ‘Black Lives Matter’ Apparel Allowed

The postponed 2020 Summer Olympics are set to start in July with a new warning for athletes.  The International Olympic Committee has specifically banned the slogan “Black Lives Matter’” from any athlete’s clothing or gear.  It’s part of the IOC’s long-standing rules about no political demonstrations on the playing field, medal stand, or during official ceremonies.  Words like “peace”, “respect”, “solidarity”,… Read more »

Wendy Williams

Thousands Sign Petition to Fire Wendy Williams

Uh oh…Wendy Williams is in trouble again… There’s a petition on that’s calling for Wendy Williams to be fired following her comments about Joaquin Phoenix’s cleft lip. The petition is asking for Wendy to be “banned from daytime TV” and has already been signed by tens of thousands. “I am completely disgusted that she… Read more »