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Chris Darden

Chris Darden to Withdraw from Nipsey Hussle Murder Case

Chris Darden To Withdraw From Nipsey Hussle Murder Case Attorney Chris Darden will not represent the man accused of killing Nipsey Hussle. Eric Holder retained Darden’s services after police arrested him for shooting of Hussle on March 31st. Darden filed to withdraw from the case on Friday. Darden said he has received death threats for… Read more »

Lauren London

Lauren London’s Touching Post to Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London’s Touching Post to Nipsey Hussle.  Lauren London Vows To Love Nipsey Hussle ‘Forever’ In A Touching Post Lauren London is still trying to come to terms with the death of Nipsey Hussle. The actress continues to share memories of the slain rapper on social media. London’s latest post is a picture of the… Read more »

Chris Darden

Chris Darden Representing Nipsey Hussle Killer

Chris Darden Representing Nipsey Hussle Killer.  If you don’t know who Chris Darden is, he was a part of prosecution team along with Marcia Clark who tried to send OJ Simpson to jail.  They lost the case but it gave them a national profile, and now it looks like Chris Darden is taking on another… Read more »