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Dallas County Extends Shelter-In-Place To May 20th

Due to the massive increase in Coronavirus cases in Dallas County, after a two-hour tense debate on Thursday, they have come to the conclusion to extend the Shelter-In-Place to May 20th. Originally the Shelter-InPlace was for April 3rd, then extended to April 30th. Now with the new extension is due to how fast the virus… Read more »

Dallas Police confirms more positive COVID-19 Cases

The increase of COVID-19 increases in Dallas, as the police announce its 6th officer with the Coronavirus. This patrol officer has been self-isolating since March but has just received his positive test results on Thursday. Now, this officer’s motorcycle unit is now out of commission, and will now be sanitized.  With so many officers being… Read more »

Dallas County COVID-19 cases increase

New cases are coming every day in Dallas, as we are at 831 cases and 17 deaths. This concerns many, as most numbers continue to grow from our senior living centers in Dallas County. For the second day in a row, Dallas has increased in clusters with another 100 more cases confirmed. The city with… Read more »

Dallas Threatens To Close All Parks Due To The Lack of Social Distancing

The Shelter-In-Place Order that began on March 23rd requires all residents to remain in their homes unless they are doing an essential activity. One essential activity that residents are utilizing the most is the outdoor exercise, but residents must remain at least 6-feet from someone to comply with social distancing standards. However, this weekend many… Read more »