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Wendy Williams

Bank Freezes Wendy Williams Assets

Uh oh…New details have been revealed concerning Wendy Williams.  According to the Jasmine Brand Wendy Williams is demanding that Wells Fargo bank give her access to her money.   Word is the bank froze her assets after they suspected that Wendy has dementia, which of course her camp is saying is absolutely not true. Read more… Read more »


Birdman Says He Makes $20-30 Million A Year From Cash Money Masters

Birdman was recently on the “Where’s Wallo” podcast discussing how he continues to make money in the music business. While discussing the importance of owning your own masters the Cash Money Millionaire says there is “a gang of ways to make money from master recordings.” Birdman says after seeing many predecessors “get f__ked” in the music industry it… Read more »