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dr. dre. and nicole young

Dr Dre Reaches Huge Divorce Settlement

Dr. Dre and his ex-wife Nicole Young are officially divorced and the settlement is bananas.   Nicole will get $100 million in the form of two payments of $50 million.   Dre on the other hand gets to keep his seven properties, his Apple deal, and his master recordings. He’ll also get to keep his Apple stocks… Read more »

Babyface and wife Nicole

Babyface and Wife Nicole Divorcing After 7 Years

Babyface and his wife of 7 years, Nicole Pantenburg are getting a divorce.  This is Babyface’s second wife.  Babyface and Nicole share 12 year old daughter Nicole Peyton.  In a joint statement they said, after much thought and with great sadness we have decided to end our marriage. We continue to care and have respect for… Read more »