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Tamar Braxton Shares How She Overcame Addiction to Fast Food


Earl Gibson III/Getty ImagesAs Tamar Braxton copes with the aftermath of her controversial departure from The Real, she’s found a way to eat healthy and overcome her addiction to fast food.

“I am the greediest person on the planet and am addicted to Shake Shack,” she tells New York magazine. “You have to eat the things you love like the burgers and the cheese fries and the shakes, but in moderation. I can’t starve myself or deprive myself of things that I really love.”

Braxton says she discovered food that helps her cut down on her calorie intake. “I started eating kelp noodles. That helps when you want spaghetti — the kelp noodles are low in fat and carbs and are delicious.” She adds, “When I got introduced to it, I wasn’t open to the idea. I was like: I don’t want no kelp noodles, I want spaghetti, get your life. But when I tried it, I fell in love.”

The youngest of the Braxton sisters was forced to leave Dancing with the Stars last year due to blood clots in her lungs, and she remembers it was a wake-up call about her health.

“Does that mean that the things that I was doing weren’t healthy?” she comments. “Did I get a blood clot because I wasn’t eating healthy enough or not exercising enough? No. But it does mean that I need to pay attention my body and see how thick my blood is, if I need an aspirin every day, and so on.”

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