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Teyana Taylor & family covers Ebony magazine, talks pursuing dreams while putting family first


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If the “first family” of hip hop was an actual honor, the award would definitely go to Teyana Taylor and co. 

The loving family of four, including Taylor’s husband, professional basketball player Iman Shumpert, and their two daughters, Iman “Junie” Taylor Shumpert Jr., 6, and Rue Rose Shumpert, 1, cover the latest edition of Ebony magazine, with a first-person article about their parenthood journey. 

“Black love looks like the pain you share with someone else, so it’s not as heavy,” Iman says in the story’s opening quote. “It means unconditional love because you’re going to celebrate together when it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s affectionate and unapologetic; it is bold and needed in a world full of hate. I love Black love.”

Throughout the spread, Iman speaks of his basketball career — having played for both the NY Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers — his versatility as a musical artist, his encouragement to join, and win, Dancing with the Stars season 30, and building a legacy alongside his wife. 

“I want my legacy to be that of a winner and one that my family is proud of. I was raised a certain way and promised my father that I would push the needle further than him. I want my offspring to do the same and I want their future to be a reflection of my legacy,” Iman said. 

Teyana expressed the same sentiment, noting the fact that the she and her husband are working to build generational wealth: “I love that our relationship goes beyond just support — we hold each other accountable to be greater.”

While both the parents are known as multi-faceted entertainers, they share the most important goal of all: raising their children to the best of their ability, and ensuring mom and dad “are the example for our girls.”

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