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The Weeknd ditches the bandages for a gun & Joker vibes in dark video for Save Your Tears


ABCIf you think all of The Weeknd‘s videos have been pretty dark and twisted, well, wait’ll you check out his latest one.

In the Canadian star’s previous video, “Too Late,” his decapitated head was sewn onto a random body.  In the new video for “Save Your Tears,” he’s back onstage singing but his face seems to be grossly distorted, as though he were a victim of botched plastic surgery.

In the new clip, Weeknd is performing in a nightclub for an audience who are all wearing masks, as is his backup band. As he performs, he seems to be slowly going crazy: He sprays the crowd with champagne and then brings a large trophy cup onstage and throws it across the room — a possible reference to his Grammy snub.

Then things get really weird.  The Weeknd pulls a woman onstage with him and we see he has a gun hidden behind his back.  After a brief blackout, he’s put the gun in her hand and is holding it to his forehead.  She screams — and then she’s gone.  Weeknd continues dancing on stage with the gun, giving us serious Joaquin Phoenix/Joker vibes.

At the end, the singer holds the gun up to his head and pulls the trigger — but only confetti comes out. The audience applauds as he stands there grinning.

We can’t wait to see what The Weekend’s got planned for the Super Bowl next month.

By Andrea Dresdale
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