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Tyra Banks reveals how her viral ‘Dancing with the Stars’ gown honors her supermodel roots


ABC/Laretta Houston

Tyra Banks has gone viral, thanks to the outfit she changed into halfway through Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars. The supermodel changed into a larger-than-life crimson gown that was accentuated by oversized fan-shaped sleeves.

While the internet was intrigued by the look, some compared the dress to the frilled dilophosaurus dinosaur that killed Wayne Knight‘s character, Dennis Nedry, in Jurassic Park.

Banks shook off the comparisons on Tuesday when speaking with E!’s Daily Pop and revealed that the dress is actually an homage to her past life as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

“There’s a base of that dress. It looks like a normal, beautiful dress from the ’90s,” she described. “Then I go on the stage in front of the audience and everybody, and I put on the wing thing. And everybody was like, ‘Oh!’ because they thought the first thing was the normal dress.”

“I call it Victoria’s Secret wangs. It’s not wings. It’s got an ‘A,'” the supermodel said of her outfit. “That’s how we did it.”

Dancing with the Stars will celebrate all things Britney Spears when it returns next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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