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Tyrese Shares Family Photo, Says Media Doesn’t Promote His Positivity


Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Tyrese Gibson showing his softer side in a recent post where he credits the power of prayer in bringing his family together and critiques the media for not reporting on the good news.

In the late-night post, the singer shared a photo of his family on Instagram, saying “Night on the town with #TheGibsons. If you don’t know God you need to get to know him and love him for yourself – on a very personal and intimate levels talk to him – speak your heart OPENLY and he will listen – you may pray for things and expect results now – but it’s all about Gods timing…”

Gibson explains that he’s been praying for such a reunion for seven years, writing, “Family dinner – This is a space that I’ve prayed for – for 7 years if WE could make peace on behalf of our daughter anybody can.”

However, the singer notes that his positive messages aren’t often covered, expressing that positive messages don’t sell or do well.

“No blogs, press or media will ever report peace and family love cause peace don’t sell,” the singer says.

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