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Vanessa Bell Calloway and Clifton Powell discuss the blessing in playing their crazy ‘Saints & Sinners’ characters


Courtesy of BounceVanessa Bell Calloway and Clifton Powell are set to reprise their roles as Ella and Rex in the Bounce movie Saints & Sinners: Judgment Day.

Calloway tells ABC Audio that playing the unpredictable Ella for the last five years on the series and now movie has been a real pleasure.

“What actress wouldn’t love a part like this?” she asks. “Because you get to abandon… who you are [and] any morals you might have. You get to have the best fantasy life.”

“There’s so many layers to peel off on this character because she is very complex,” Calloway continues. “There’s nothing simple and easy about Ella. [It] just makes it so much more fun.”

While putting her spin on Ella and being “crazy” has been a lot of fun for the actress, Calloway admits it’s a big relief knowing she won’t be judged for her character’s antics. 

“And then I go home and — Vanessa doesn’t have to be responsible for any of it,” she laughs.

Clifton agrees, adding that he’s nothing like his diabolical character.

“I come out of inner city, I talk a lot of crap and I could back it up, but I stay out of the way,” he explains. “But Rex’s internal personality is nothing like mine. I mean, if you push me, I can be tough like Rex.”

Still, with the upcoming film and another season ahead, Calloway and Powell say they are extremely blessed to continue to play such creative characters.

“Playing [Ella] for the last five years now, what a blessing,” Calloway says. “It’s been a pleasure and honor… and more importantly, the audience receives it and they like it…So I guess I’m doing the right thing.” 

Saints & Sinners: Judgment Day premieres Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9pm ET on Bounce.

By Candice Williams
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