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We got the Pynk: Janelle Monae may be working on bringing lady parts pants to the public


Atlantic RecordsJanelle Monae could be bringing those infamous pants from her “Pynk” music video to the public.

“We may be working on that,” she tells People, adding, “I’m so tickled and honored that people are talking about the ‘Pynk’ pants, I think that it’s so cool to have discussions around women’s issues and women’s bodies, I think it’s amazing.”

However, the Grammy-nominated star says that the “Pynk” pants, which are made to resemble a woman’s private parts, have a greater significance than just female anatomy.

“Sometimes I think people interpret those as vagina pants, they call them vulva pants, they call them flowers, but it just represents some parts of some women,” she explains. 

“There are some women in the video that do not have on the pants, because I don’t believe that all women need to possess a vagina to be a woman.”

Janelle continues, “I wanted to make sure we were discussing these issues but we were also celebrating each other. I wanted ‘Pynk’ to be a celebration of women who are unique, distinct, different, may be different from one another but when they come together they create something magical and special.” 

The “Make Me Feel” singer, who recently came out as pansexual, also tells People that she feels “very thankful for all the support” from her fans regarding her newest album, Dirty Computer.

“I haven’t really had the opportunity to look online and really read what people are saying but from my team and things I’ve been sent, it’s resonating with the people it was intended to,” she begins.  

“I chose to celebrate dirty computers, I chose to celebrate my LGBTQI brothers and sisters, minorities, women, immigrants, those who are marginalized in this society.”  

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