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Will Smith gets his teeth knocked out by Jason Derulo in TikTok golf gag


Jerod Harris/Getty ImagesJason Derulo posted to his TikTok a golf lesson gone wrong, and it cost would-be coach Will Smith his million-dollar smile.

Well, not really. 

The singer and the Men in Black star were getting Derulo’s golf swing in place before a giant video screen replicating a golf course, when Will wanted to make an adjustment to Jason’s stance — and that’s when Derulo smacks Will in the mouth with his iron on his backswing, appearing to crack Will’s front two teeth. 

Smith rolls on the floor in pain before showing his damaged teeth to the camera, while Derulo says “We can get some ice for that.” 

Will then insists he get a turn, before swinging his driver at Derulo’s legs, with the action freezing just as The Tokens‘ “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” plays — a common meme trope.

Of course, the “accident” was a gag, but between their accounts, the video amassed over four million views on Instagram as of early Monday.

Funnily enough, Derulo tried a similar broken tooth trick on his fans back in May, posting a corn-eating incident allegedly gone wrong, leaving him with two broken front teeth.

By Steve Iervolino
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