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Ziggy Marley followed his intuition to create his new album, ‘More Family Time’


Courtesy of Ziggy Marley Reggae icon Ziggy Marley shares his new album, More Family Time, the follow up to 2009’s Family Time. 

The 11-track album is a children’s album — an idea that came to Marley after writing the song “Goo Goo Ga Ga.”

Marley admitted he was “conflicted” at first due to everything “happening in the society,” considering worldwide protests over the death of George Floyd and the ongoing pandemic. 

But he followed his “intuition” to offer a moment of release with captivating kids songs that are sophisticated enough for parents to enjoy as well.

“But I did feel there was a reason why my intuition was telling me to do a children’s album, an album for families and children,” Marley tells ABC Audio. “And what I came up with was that where the children are suffering too, the children really are going through a hard time and families as well.”

“I work by intuition,” he continues. “So I think it’s for the kids in this time to kind of relieve some of the stress and kind of lighten the load and give families something together, own and enjoy, musically speaking.”

More Family Time is available today, featuring the likes of Busta Rhymes, Alanis Morissette, Marley’s brother Stephen Marley, his son Isaiah and more.

“Children are the inspiration, but [More Family Time] is for the whole family,” adds Marley.

By Rachel George 
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