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Ziggy Marley shares the life lessons he taught his children while recording ‘More Family Time’


For his kids album, More Family Time, reggae Icon Ziggy Marley was joined by his own children on the track, “Wonderful People.” 

The song features his daughter, Judah, who has been making music for awhile and was also featured on his 2009 album, Family Time. Ziggy says she was a “a bit tough and reluctant” to be on his kids album, but she eventually came around. 

“So my oldest daughter is 15, she’s been doing music with me for a while. She was on the first Family Time album,” he tells ABC Audio. “This time she was like, ‘oh, I’m too cool. I don’t want to sing on a kids album.’ She was trying to be cool. I was like, no, yo, you’re gonna come sing, come sing.”

Ziggy said his three other children — 13-year-old Gideon, 9-year old Abraham and four-year-old Isaiah — “were cool” about singing on the album, but he had to give them a few life lessons between studio sessions.

“They came and we had to teach them here is that it’s fun, but it’s still discipline,” Ziggy said. “So don’t be playing around.”

“I do music and I do it for fun, but I do it seriously,” he continues. “So the discipline is what they had to learn and they had to also learn that it takes hard work to get things right.”

He says part of the process was teaching them patience and that “practice is what makes perfect.” 

“Repetitive practicing of something makes you good at it,” adds Ziggy. “And so that was a lesson.” 

More Family Time is out now.

By Rachel George
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