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Tasha Smith’s Ex Husband Allegedly Cheated and Stole Her Money


You know we look at the rich and famous as having it all but sometimes I bet it can be a challenge for them when they think they met the love of their life and always wonder in the back of their minds if they are being loved for themselves or is it their money and stardom?

Just last month, Tasha was ordered to provide Keith with spousal support in the tune of $7K a month. [FYI: Last December, Tasha allegedly paid him $50K.].

So what’s the latest? According to Bossip, there’s some alleged tea being spilled by a source who claims that Keith was abusive, unfaithful, stole money from the actress AND demanded non-stop sex. The site reports,

“A source close to Smith, who most recently starred on the hit television series “Empire,” claims Keith Douglas is a gold digger and that unbeknownst to the actress, he was married five times before her.”

“Tasha’s twin sister, whom she was estranged with for a brief spell, secretly hired a private investigator on a hunch.”

““He was acting a monkey fool, spending Tasha’s money like it was his –buying thousands”.

The back and forth would take its toll on her workload, the source said. “Sometimes she would have three and four scripts that she had to memorize in 24 hours. It was distracting and exhausting.”

“So in order to have peace and quiet and rest, she would surrender to his demands, which included repetitious scheduled sex on demand, meal preparations, just plain old Neanderthal ridiculous behavior.”

Douglas, who also brands himself as a minister, motivational speaker and author, was also reportedly dubious in handling his wife’s business affairs.

“He would rehearse passages from the bible and preach these so called Christian gospel, but in the meanwhile he would make a deal and accept let’s say $10,000 for a personal appearance for Tasha and then turn around and tell her it was a deal for three thousand dollars. He had a so called assistant, her name was Andrea Wilson, and they had a joint bank account, and would embezzle so much money from Tasha.”

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