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Starbucks Employee Goes Ballistic On Customer; Wait Unitil You See Why



OMG what in the world was going on in this girls mind that she lost her temper over a straw??? Come on man…

It was obviously the wrong day to mess with this girl. But even worse, it was not the right situation to risk losing your job over. I guess someone should have told that to this employee; who was subsequently terminated, after a video that shows her losing control and screaming at a customer heads towards viral status on the ‘net.

The employee was angry because she thinks the customer stole a cookie straw.

“Give me the straw! You’re not going to be served here. Bye! Bye! Give me the straw and leave,” the fuming worker shouts, according to cell phone footage customer Ruby Chen posted on Facebook.

Chen explained she had ordered a “Frappuccino” on Tuesday at the popular chain’s 86-51 Broadway location in Elmhurst. But said “Melissa” was the one who roasted her beans.

She continues,

“I didn’t hear her co-worker asking my name to put on [the] cup at first because I was opening my reward app on my phone to pay,” Chen wrote on the Starbucks’ Facebook page. “Then Melissa started to shout at me saying’ hey helloooo’ with very bad attitude.”

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