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Kaep Works Out for Eight Teams, "Has Nothing to Hi...

ESPN says that while the sudden change of Kaepernick’s workout venue interrupted the schedules of many of the 25 teams that showed up to watch the free agent work out, eight team reps were reportedly there to check out the former QB’s public workout. Watching his workout included reps for the Eagles, Bills, Chiefs, Jets,… Read more »

Girl!! Cases Of Eyelash Lice Increasing Warning Is...

Doctors are warning people who wear eyelash extensions to make sure they are cleaned regularly. Doctors have noticed an increase in lash lice or Demodex. Impacts people who do not wash their eyelash extensions enough. This type of lice is smaller than head lice or body lice. This type of lice can jump and be… Read more »

Don't Fall For This Netflix Email Scam

A number of Netflix customers have received an email from the streaming media giant, asking them to update their billing information to continue receiving service. There’s only one problem with the request: It wasn’t sent by Netflix. Fact-checking website Snopes reports it’s received several inquiries from suspicious Netflix users who have received the email, which… Read more »

Jay Z Reportedly Pushed NFL to Hold Workouts for C...

Jay Z reportedly pushed NFL to hold workouts for Colin Kaepernick.  I’m not really surprised at this discovery.  If you haven’t heard the NFL is holding workout for Colin Kaepernick and 24 teams are expected to attend.    So now reports are saying Jay Z pressured NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to make it happen because… Read more »

Uptown Funk Crowned Song of the Decade by Billboar...

Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk Crowned Song of the Decade by Billboard. Congrats to Bruno Mars and producer Mark Ronson!  Their hit Uptown Funk, which ruled the charts in 2015 for 14 weeks, is now at the top of Billboard’s song of the decade.

Oprah Just Bought a New Crib

Oprah Just Bought a New Crib Oprah is making her home in Montecito a little bit bigger after buying a ranch owned by former neighbor Jeff Bridges. The ranch was priced at $7.495 million, but she got the pad for $6.85 million. No one knows what Oprah plans to do with the new property, but… Read more »

Texas Death Row Inmate Granted Indefinite Stay of ...

Just 5 days before he was scheduled to die by lethal injection, Texas’ highest criminal appeals court stopped the execution of inmate Rodney Reed.  The move comes after an aggressive campaign to include law enforcement, celebrities like Oprah and Rihanna chimed in a letter to Governor Abbott to intervene.   Reed’s conviction is being questioned by… Read more »

Guess Who Actor Jason Momoa's Childhood Crush Was?...

The beautiful Lisa Bonet is 52-years young today!   We know her best for her role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show and the spin-off  ‘A Different World’ which depicted college students at a fictional HBCU – Hillman College  in Virginia. Bonet has been married to actor Jason Momoa — of ‘The Hunger Games’ fame since 2017,  but their… Read more »