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Usher explains how his son did the MOST just to connect with his favorite artist PinkPantheress


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Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That sums up the story of Usher‘s teenage son Naviyd Ely, who took extreme measures to ensure he met his favorite artist: PinkPantheress.

As Usher tells it on his Instagram Story, Naviyd stole his phone and DM’d the star, expressing his love for her and asking for a follow on social media.

“Hello this is Usher’s son Naviyd I’m you [sic] true biggest fan please follow me back @_naviyd_. I put him on to masterpieces,” he wrote, to which PinkPantheress replied, “Hahahahahaa this is wild!”

The teen then wrote, “OMG I DIDNT THING [sic] U WERE GONNA SNWER [sic].Thank you for liking my posttt.”

Usher apparently got wind of the exchange and followed up, writing, “I’m so sorry … my son is a super fan.” His apology was met with PinkPantheress’ offer to host him and Naviyd at her next show.

Usher said he acted like his son “wasn’t allowed to go” “because he did the MOST just to connect” with PinkPantheress — but ultimately “decided to let him go” because “my son is such a fan of her artistry.”

He informed PinkPantheress of his son’s presence at her concert. She then linked with Naviyd backstage, and they posed for a few photos.

Usher’s takeaway: “This was a great moment for Naviyd … this was him movin on something he was passionate about. Yes… he violated my trust in the process and for that I will never trust him around my phone, but I should have known better,” he began.

He continued, “Nonetheless, I appreciate the hustle and him makin in happen. From a text, to a concert, to the artist. He masterminded this whole thing and made it happen. #HustleHard.”

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