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60 Bodies Found Piled in U-Haul Trucks Outside NY Funeral Home


As coronavirus-related deaths continue to outnumber places in which to store the bodies, one New York funeral home has come up with an unconventional solution to the problem: piling the bodies into unrefrigerated U-Haul trucks. Responding to reports of a foul odor coming from the area, police officers made the gruesome discovery Wednesday evening outside Andrew Cleckley Funeral Services in Brooklyn, the NYPD reports. As many as 60 bodies were found stacked up inside the rental vehicles, while more were discovered on the floor inside the funeral home, police say. John DiPietro, who lives nearby, says he’s watched funeral home employees load bodies into the trucks on several occasions over the past few weeks. “You don’t respect the dead that way,” he says. “That could have been my father, my brother.”

Should the director of the funeral home face criminal charges?

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