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After all these years, En Vogue says going on tour is still great


ABC/Heidi GutmanIconic R&B group En Vogue certainly knows a thing or two about the rigors of touring.  

Still, members Cindy Heron-BraggsTerry Ellis and Rhona Bennett tell ABC Radio that life on the tour is “a little bit easier” nowadays then it was in previous years.    

Terry says, “We sort of balance our schedule…it’s still great. We still love it. Our fans still come out and support us and sing along and they give us that love and it just really boosts our energy and we give it right back.”

“We still have a really great time,” she adds. “Which is why we continue to do it.”  

After taking their For the Love of Music tour to South African and European cities recently, the group was happy to see their fans having a great time, and to learn they could still sell out shows despite the fact that their most recent album came out in 2004.

Terry adds, “It was really cool. It was great to be back there. It was great to just see that we could still sell out houses and that we still had a pretty good fan base there and they were just singing along and having a great time.”

En Vogue’s seventh disc, Electric Cafe, arrives later this year and you can catch them live from now through September of this year.  

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