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Anthony Hamilton Draws from His Divorce & Personal Experiences on for Fifth Album, What I’m Feelin’


ABC RadioAfter becoming recently divorced, Anthony Hamilton took some time between his last album and upcoming project titled What I’m Feelin’. The singer tells ABC Radio that he tapped into his personal life for his long-awaited album.

“You know I was married for 10 years, and you know, going through that, you hold it all in because you don’t want people in your business,” says Hamilton.  “And then you don’t want it to seem like she was a bad person or I was a bad person, and just writing about it and you’re able to put that apology out there and let her know like, OK, even though we’re not together, it did matter.’ And you feel a sense of freedom from all that and you can live your life after airing it all out.”

There was one song that pretty much sums up his failed marriage.  “You know, one song called ‘Walk in My Shoes,’ I speak about it. You know the first lyrics is: ‘Lost my wife, my car, my home. If you ever, ever walk a mile in my shoes, ever walk a mile in my shoes,’ you would see what I was going through,” he says. “This is me telling her, like, we were together for 12 years, but prior to those 12 years I had something that I need to heal from.”

He continues: “You know about them, but you had never really walked directly in my shoes, nor have I walked in yours, so you would see what I be going through internally to make me react how I did.”

And while he’s known to deliver classic R&B hits, Anthony adds that he feels no pressure and doesn’t plan on disappointing fans.

“No, I don’t feel any real pressure, you know, the only pressure, the most pressure you have is picking picking 12 or 14 songs out of like 70, 80 songs. That’s the pressure. Once you narrow it down, you just feel really good about it and you just make sure you don’t put nothing on there — I don’t put nothing out there that I don’t listen to. If I don’t love it, I don’t put it out,” says Hamilton, who teamed with Salaam RemiJames Poyse, and Mark Batson, who produced 10 of the album’s 12 tracks.

What I’m Feelin’ will be released by RCA Records on March 25. It will be his first studio effort since 2011’s Back to Love.

Next month will see Hamilton joining Fantasia  for their spring 2016 co-headlining tour, which kicks off April 21 at Shea’s Buffalo Theatre in Buffalo, NY. 

Here’s the What I’m Feelin’  track list:

“Save Me”                                                                                       
“Ain’t No Shame”                                                                       
“What I’m Feelin’” feat. The HamilTones                            
“I Want You”                                                                  
“Never Letting Go”                                                                      
“Walk in My Shoes”                                                                   
“Take You Home”
“Ever Seen Heaven”                                                                   
“Love Is an Angry Thing”

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