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Boyz II Men explains the deeper purpose behind their new album, Under the Streetlight


Sony MasterworksToday, Boyz II Men is set to release their twelfth studio album, Under the Streetlight. The album, which features an array of harmony-driven tunes, highlights classic songs that have inspired the group over the years.

But according to Boyz II Men singer Wayna Morris, the album is definitely “deeper” than just covers.

“We’ve done cover records before. This one was more focused on the style of music,” Morris tells ABC Radio. “The genre of music and basically the essence of what doo-wop music has done for the music in the world today. So we try to channel our focus on the subject of the doo-wop singers, the a cappella harmonies, the tight harmonies and how that stuff over the years has transcended into music today.”

Morris, who is joined by his other two Boyz II Men bandmates, Nathan Morris and Shawn Stockman, also adds that their new album serves another — more important purpose.

“For us this was an album to pretty much pay homage to those people who probably don’t get as much credit as they should for a lot of the things that go on in present music today,” Morris explains. “So that was pretty much why we did it.”

Boyz II Men’s Under the Streetlight is now available for purchase.

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