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Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris: There Probably Would Be No Boyz II Men Without Prince


L-R: Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris and Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men; Andrew Chin/Getty ImagesBoyz II Men is one of the many musical acts who were influenced by Prince, who was found dead in his suburban Minneapolis home on Thursday.

One of the group’s members, Nathan Morris, declares, “He definitely inspired this group on many levels. There probably would be no Boyz II Men without him, for sure.”

In an interview with ABC Radio following the news of Prince’s death, Morris praised the pop legend as an artist who was “able to do it all.”

“For us, he’s been a cornerstone of our music. His harmonies and the things that he did, not just with his instruments but with his vocals,” he explained.

Morris says Boyz II Men had wanted to work with Prince, but a collaboration never developed. However, he notes his group’s mid-1990s song “Thank You” features a vocal breakdown that was “pilfered” from the Prince tune “7.”

“It’s funny because we told him about it at the time, he’s one of those that…the influence is all that matters. You get people get all crazy about, you’re taking parts of their songs. But he put his songs out there for everybody to be a part of,” he said.

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