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Celebrity DJ Booker Sujit Kundu Says the “Right” DJ Will Enhance Your Party Experience


Courtesy of Sujit Kundu’s MySpaceWhile most people are worrying about Christmas shopping, many forget the biggest celebration of the year is quickly approaching: New Year’s Eve. To make sure your party goes of without a hitch, ABC News Radio reached out to Sujit Kundu, a former party promoter who now operates Skam Artists, a DJ management company that reps Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, Nick Cannon, Samantha Ronson and others.

So what’s the golden rule in throwing the perfect party? Sujit says you have to “know your crowd,” which is a motto that has led to his company becoming so revered that Jay Z wanted to buy several years ago.

The next rule of thumb is making sure you “customize your playlist.” Sujit says that his disc jockeys never rely on crowd favorites, instead they pick songs that will match the crowd.

“There’s definitely classics but it depends,” he says referring to popular song requests. “Our roster is so eclectic, like we have hip-hop and then we have house, and what works for one might not work for another,  and you know what you might play in a 21-and-over club, you might not play in an 18-and-over club, you might not play at a festival.”

Sujit, who has brokered several Las Vegas residency deals for many of his DJ’s, also explains the art in selecting the right DJ for his clients.

“When it comes to booking a DJ, I really try and listen to the client, because somebody will love one thing and somebody will love something completely different,” he says. “And it’s not really about which one is better or worse, it’s about making the client happy, whether that’s a certain genre of music, whether that’s staying within a certain price point, there’s so many different facets of why you might want a DJ.”

What about celebrities like Paris Hilton who venture into DJ’ing parties?

“Paris Hilton, she targets a distinct audience and people come to see her, people come to spend money and if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t book her,” Sujit says. “Some celebrities that actually take it seriously, they almost have to fight twice as hard to get the same respect just because they’re a celebrity.”

He adds, “You know, like I know Lil Jon had to overcome that when he started DJ’ing again because people didn’t actually realize that he was a DJ before, but he became such a big artist when he went back to DJ’ing he was kind of pushed into that same bracket. Same thing as Jermaine Dupri, they became such big producer artists, people forgot they started as DJs.”

To learn more about his company, which books in the U.S. & overseas, visit the company’s official website at

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